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Final reflection

In all honesty, I think I’ve made crucial life decisions based on this course. I’m not exaggerating, I realized just how much time I spend on social media, and I realized just how dangerous the digital world could be, and being the extremely paranoid girl I am, I got more freaked out, and based on this course, I decided to have a social media detox throughout winter break, to solely focus on myself, and my growth as a person, rather than working on increasing my followers base. I really learned the importance of reading the terms and conditions, I no longer press “I agree” without reading, if I’m too lazy to read that I would leave it till later. More importantly, I learned a lot from the in-class discussion, I think as students, we don’t really have time to vent, so I think this was our safe space to be heard and accepted. Moreover, personally I can say I understood the importance of discussing our thoughts out loud, because as soon as I started hearing other opinions without the intentions of simply replying and proving my point, and it was then I started formulating my own opinion, not the opinion I was taught to have. For example when we talked about harassment in class, when we read the short story, my grandparents always blamed the woman for being harassed, but I learned so much in this class about simple stuff like expressing myself, that I went up to them and was able to have a decent conversation about how it’s not a woman’s fault if she was harassed. That basically sums up what I’ve earned both personally and socially. 

In my academic life, I learned to choose my professors wisely, just because someone says “easy A” doesn’t mean he/ she are the best professors, I learned to go for the professors where the students have a very long paragraph explaining how much they love them. I also learned A LOT about google slides, which you can read about in my tool’s reflection (link below). I think I learned about that the most, and it was the most thing I enjoyed learning about. I learned to double check information, and never to trust anything I see online, which is very beneficial when it comes to doing researches (which I do A LOT of). I learned that when we looked into the Trump pilgrimage photo. I LEARNED HOW TO DO A GAME!! This was the most exciting thing ever honestly, when I first heard that we’d do a game, I was like; yup, I’m failing this course. But I actually really enjoyed it and had so much fun doing it! Regarding my career, I would definitely have to say I learned how to time manage, because we used to take so many assignments that I had to make sure I finished them before the deadline along with my other courses. I learned this method called “eat the frog,” which means get the hard thing done first, and I think that would be very beneficial for my career.

Tools reflection:

If I were to show someone my learning in this course I would show them my game, because I really thought I wouldn’t be able to come up with a game idea, let alone design a whole game on my own, but I did it! I would also show them my tools reflection, because that basically combines a lot of the things we learned regarding the tools, which I think were so important when it comes to my academic life later on, and a blog post of my reflection on the digital pathways, because even though  I was very against the digital pathways at the beginning, I really came around after doing it because I really enjoyed the freedom, and I picked 2 modules that interest me, and ones that I could relate to topics we’ve discussed in class. 

If I were to change something about the course it would be; Soliya, I really did not enjoy it, and it was a waste of time, as a substitute, I heard a lot of people enjoyed the make-up solyia so you can do that, or maybe everyone can research about a country and have an open discussion. Or maybe just an open discussion, because these were the most interesting sessions. Another thing I would like to change was the detox kit, I really enjoyed it and I enjoyed making it, but I didn’t feel that it was beneficial for me as a student. 

The kind of person who should take this course is an openminded, knowledgeable, fun person. 

I think I really enjoyed the freedom that I had when it came it making choices on while platform to look into, I generally like freedom of choice when it comes to work. In this course we could choose both what to read/ what to do and on which platform. For example, the digital pathways, we got to choose what to do, and when we did the game, we had the freedom to choose which platform to do it on, as well as the topic on which we would base the game on. This freedom was really a motivation because you don’t feel forced to do something specific. A lot of professors force you to do something according to their rules and you really feel suffocated, and sometimes when I’m forced to do something, I just don’t do it, or feel pressured until I’m done with it. When it came I this course, I really enjoyed the freedom, and even when I didn’t have time to finish the work, I was relaxed because I knew I would do something I wanted to do, not something I was forced to do. I’m actually remembering now all the times we had this freedom, sometimes we had freedom when it comes to the material, other times the platform. I remember when we did the data detox kit, we had the freedom to choose which platform to use.

Leaving the guiding question aside, I think I learned from this course more than any other course, primarily because I felt safe to discuss my views, and because it was a safe place to talk. The open discussions were always something to look forward to. And since this is the end of the semester, I’m confessing this: sometimes I used to open topics that are not really related to class so that we can talk as a class. 


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  1. This reflection made me laugh and cry ya Farah. I was so touched when you said “it was then I started formulating my own opinion, not the opinion I was taught to have.” And by how the course helped you talk to your grandparents about harassment. I laughed when you mentioned bringing up topics to derail conversations in class :))


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