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Smartphones module 

To start off, I was really encouraged to read this because it was very short, and more importantly, I am addicted to my phone. I have my phone with me 24/7, I take it with me everywhere, so when I read “Only by having at least a simple picture of how they work can we really be confident and creative in their use in a wide range of applications.” I started thinking, how many apps do I have on my phone that I don’t use? How many hidden settings that I don’t know about? To answer that A LOT! Even though I have my phone with me 24/7, I still only open 4 apps max, and I don’t really play around in the settings, so there’s a lot of stuff I don’t know about in my phone. 

“In truth, they are powerful computers, far beyond the simple communication device that mobile phones started out as” I remember the first hone my mother bought was a Nokia, and it had Bluetooth, and at that time it was huge how people could sent to each other songs and 1 image using Bluetooth, I think if people who died just when Nokias were in would be in a shock now, for starters, you can really do ANYTHING on your phone, not just a computer. But you can literally call, text, set an alarm, interact with people, search for recipes, take pictures, read books, check your mail, find information, write documents, shop, and more all in one place. If I were to choose either my phone or laptop, I would choose my phone, at least the laptop can’t make calls yet? Can it? 

In the module, theres a part that says “even the science fiction writers of the 50s and 60scouldnt quite stretch this far.” This reminds me of an Egyptian movie called ‘Samir w Shahir w Bahir,” where they went back in time to the 70s, and there was this man who was so surprised that in the future phones would have more buttons, so one of the main characters said “da law shaf el blackberry hayetganen,” I don’t know but that reminded me of that, its irrelevant, please keep reading. 

Types of smartphones: 

There are 2 types of softwares; one that manages all the process and hardware that comes pre-installed on your phone, and one is responsible for the applications you download. This is new news, I thought the software was just a fancy name for how the phone is wired. 

They mentioned that a lot of apps access your data information. That I learned in class! Fun fact, I now read the terms and conditions (skim through), and I always deny access when given the option. 

Applications in education: 

Video recording

Scanning and editing




QR codes

Polls and quizzes

Classroom applications 

I never realized I use my phone for all of this, but I actually do. It varies from the slightest thing like taking pictures of my notes, to doing assignments on my phone, like podcast we did in class for translation.



I picked this module because I think I’ve just dipped a toe in the water when it comes to blogs, but I want to learn more about it, I was voted most likely to be an undercover blogger by my friends, and I follow tons of fashion blogs, but I just can’t grasp the concept. Like really wish someone would sit me down and give me detailed description of how blogs work, that’s why I chose this module. I heard so many times that I shouldn’t take information from blogs without double checking.

Blogs are platforms for sharing information for either the public or the private, it can be useful to both academic and personal use. You can record your opinion, thoughts and expressions, for other people to see. 

Question: is tumblr a blog? If yes then I have a blog that’s doing very well, 2 actually one for a course that I don’t consider a blog, which is under my name, and one for fashion, under a hidden name. 

Another (unimportant/ silly) question: was Gossip Girl a blog? 

Reflection on the wordle: 

I saw experiences: I guess the typical bloggers blog about their experiences, what they’ve been through, what products they’ve tried and liked.

Opinions: I think that’s very related to experiences because you get to say your opinion on stuff you’ve experienced. 

Personal: Because you could have a personal say or a personal preference, like a fashion blog, like you don’t need to share professional information. There’s also a lot of video blogs, vlogs, that revolve around what happen in the bloggers life, which is also very personal.

“Blogs are often focused on a particular topic” “They can have one or several contributors” I think this is all common knowledge. I follow fashion blogs all the time, and I know this information.

Blogs in education: 

Currently, this semester I have 2 running blogs, one on WordPress, and one on Tumblr for photography, and the title undercover blogger never felt more realistic, I mean I feel famous already, all you have to do is type my name in the search bar, should make my Instagram public or is it too soon? 

Blogs can be used to establish ones writing voice, as well as practice writing and research. I think I do that on my Tumblr blog, I write a reflection, and a research before and after every project. 

Blogs vs journals: 

After reading this part, I think I still prefer journals over blogs. Unless its something public, like fashion, then I would go for a blog. 

There are blogs such as blogger, WordPress, and Medium. I think that answers my previous question about Tumblr being a blog platform.  

Turns out blackboard is a private blog platform. I realized that I do use several blog platforms without knowing. This is interesting to me, because I thought I knew nothing about blogging, but it turns out that I “blog” without knowing. 

Honestly, I didn’t think this module was interesting at all, the only thing I did learn was that I am unconsciously blogging, however other than that I don’t think I learned anything major that stuck with me.


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  1. Ha, so interesting point . Blackboard is not a blogging platform. It is a Learning Management System that contains a blogging tool… which simulates real blogs but isn’t really a proper blog.

    Tumblr is considered a blog of sorts but I think the limitation is it doesn’t allow comments and doesn’t have something called RSS feed. Or that’s how it used to be 4 years ago!


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