Game first draft.

Welcome to Stuck in the Loop; this is a game that intends to raise awareness about overthinking and its effects, by putting the player in the mind of an overthinker and trying to get them to decide several things through situations that they face, this is all to make the player understand the loop that an overthinker is trapped in.

We would like you to know that this is only the first draft, since it only consists of the playable game and the content of the game. So we have not yet added the visuals nor the pop ups that would consist of informative messages that would help in the awareness aim of the game. 

We would really appreciate if you all take a look at our game and help us by giving constructive feedback about what is missing from our game and whether the game actually makes you feel what an overthinker goes through. We would also like feedback about the length of the game and also if you enjoyed it or not. You may also help us in choosing the visuals of our game and how we could make it appealing to a player. Lastly, please tell us if you would like to see statistics about overthinkers. 

Please find the link for the game attached below:

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  1. Hiya.
    So I can imagine from your game a person who overthinks and is easily shaken by other people telling her things to make her change her mind.. but you are only focused on academics, and you aren’t taking us through her thinking process, just the decision-making process so it feels rushed. I think we need more insight into her mind so we can empathize or suffer with her.

    Length: The game is too short, especially you are two people creating it, so you need it to have 20 scenarios. Do I feel overthinking? I actually honestly don’t feel the overthinkingness… seems like the player is mainly hesitant about choosing subjects, then choosing diploma, then again subjects.

    Small things: You switch between “you” and “she”, you forget to capitalize IB and American sometimes.


  2. Comment above was about the “future” scenario. The “past” scenario is slightly more nuanced. You still switch between you and she *so often*.
    I do know girls who obsess over an ex boyfriend the way this character is, so I get it. It’s a bit frustrating to play, so you need to tell the player that they may think it’s extreme but ppl who overthink do feel this way. I do think that towards the end, you make it too easy for the person to go to a therapist. I assume an overthinker would weigh many pros and cons (not just 1 or 2) then think hard about which therapist to choose, then take an appointment and maybe miss it for hesitating, etc.

    I also thought the future game might even hesitate about medical school, it was strange she remained stable on that one thing but overthought everything else

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      1. I checked it out. It is now much much better on the past side about the boyfriend but some of the links are leading you to the wrong things (kinda like a loop actually haha) so check your links again for all scenarios


  3. Overthinking is a toxic daily habit that negatively impact the mental health of so many people nowadays. Accordingly, the game should provoke the interest and touch the lives of everyone. The two scenarios you have in the draft (past and future) posing questions related to the IB system and breakup. And because I am not familiar with the former and do not much care about the latter, l lost interest quickly although the topic is quite important. I also think it’d better to have one focus for the two scenarios if you want to have this timeline choice. I can start the game-play, the first few seconds, outside a human brain and then move the playing field to be inside a brain to show the struggles and conflicts inside and finally zoom out again.


  4. Hello. Your concept for this game is great, many of us tend to be over thinkers at one point or another in our lives. I think that there need to be more choices for the over thinker beyond med school and classes, as over thinkers tend to micro-analyze many other aspects of their studies and lives. #unboundeq


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